A clear vision about world-class service was the first step.

Our story begins in 2010 at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm. Today we run not only Retail Academy but also NK Personal Shopping, The Rose Room, and RR Style Academy. Founder Lisa Rogalin has longstanding experience in marketing, brand building and personal service. 

When the opportunity arose for us to open in NK in Stockholm, we created what today has become NK Personal Shopping. We developed and shaped the concept, and it has now become an established service for customers for many years. Lisa has spent a great deal of time educating herself and others about Personal Shopping. We have also looked at how the service works at many of the large department stores around the world. 

At the same time as the Personal Shopping business grew – the need for professional stylists also increased and it was based on this need that we founded RR Style Academy. Since 2016 we have educated both private individuals and those within the fashion industry within Personal Shopping and Styling and over 100 participants have so far received their diplomas. 

Retail Academy has since founded educated over 150 store staff. The programme has been specifically tailored for each concept and focuses on the customer meeting, service and how to work in the best possible way with personal shopping in the individual store. 

Over the past year The Rose Room has grown as a concept. Our latest launch – The Rose Room – entails a platform where everyone can be given the opportunity to learn about fashion in an inclusive and inspiring way. A platform where you can learn about trends but also where you can plan and consume in a more sustainable way. Our own history has helped us shape what The Rose Room has become today. 

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